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 ===== Sending bugmail to mailing lists ===== ===== Sending bugmail to mailing lists =====
-There is no One Correct Way to do it, but this is the recommended procedure, which will both allow you to control what kind of bugmail is sent to the mailing ​listand will help keep spam down. +Send a request ​to [[userdoc::​support]] with the address ​of the list and the name of the bugzilla ​component ​for which it should receive ​bugmail.
- +
-  - Create an email account with a free service that allows you to filter messages both by subject and content, e.g. on Gmail. For the sake of example, let's say you create +
-  - Register that account on and log in. +
-  - Use the instructions from the section above to set up user watching ​for the default component assignee ( in our example). +
-  - Set up action filters in Gmail to control what kind of bugmail ​is forwarded (new bug reports, comments), and what kind shouldn'​t be (assignee, cc, subject changes, etc).+
 ===== Why can't I edit bug component/​description/​etc?​ ===== ===== Why can't I edit bug component/​description/​etc?​ =====
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