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 ====== 2-factor authentication with ====== ====== 2-factor authentication with ======
-**Noticeopt-in**+:!: The preferred mechanism for 2-factor authentication is via an SSH key stored on a smartcard device. If you have an account on, you qualify for a free [[nitrokey]],​ so we strongly recommend that instead of setting up TOTP/HOTP you switch to using the Nitrokey for your ssh access instead.
-We are rolling out 2-factor authentication for access to At this point, this feature is still in testing stage and will probably always remain ​opt-in ​instead of being required across the board.+===== HOTP/TOTP ip-based push validation ===== 
 +**Notice: ​opt-in**
 ^Command^Summary^ ^Command^Summary^
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