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 |**rm**|your-repo-path remote-name|Perform "''​git remote remove''"​| |**rm**|your-repo-path remote-name|Perform "''​git remote remove''"​|
 |**list**|your-repo-path|List remotes configured in your repository| |**list**|your-repo-path|List remotes configured in your repository|
 +:!: **Note:** it is almost never useful to track torvalds/​linux.git,​ as our use of git alternates will already make sure that you don't have to push objects already present in torvalds/​linux.git. This command is useful for objects that have not yet found their way into Linus'​s repo (e.g. those from linux-next).
 ===== Examples ===== ===== Examples =====
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